Article name The Culture of Patriotism as a Scientific Concept in Modern Social Philosophy: Actualization of the Problem Field
Authors Tumin A.Y. Candidate of Sciences (Law),
Bibliographic description Tumin A. Yu. The Culture of Patriotism as a Scientific Concept in Modern Social Philosophy: Actualization of the Problem Field // Humanitarian Vector. 2024. Vol. 19, no. 1. P. 166–174. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2024- 19-1-166-174.
Section Humanistic Trends in the Development of Society
UDK 172.12
DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2024-19-1-166-174
Article type Original article
Annotation In the conditions of modern social challenges there is an actualization of humanitarian research aimed at studying the problems of patriotism. At present, the comprehension of the nature of patriotism, factors of its development in society, conditions of deformation of patriotic consciousness acquires a high degree of relevance. Understanding these aspects allows us to better understand the social shifts occurring in society, associated with changes in the characteristics of civic consciousness, as well as to develop strategies of social regulation that take into account the most significant factors of patriotism. The study conceptualizes the spiritual and cultural aspects of patriotism formation in Russia, taking into account modern research and relying on the existing socio-philosophical heritage. The analysis carried out at the level of the work is focused on the actualization of the problem field of patriotism research, which is connected, on the one hand, with the change of the general research paradigm in comprehending the problem of patriotism, on the other hand, with the emergence of new scientific problems and challenges that have been formed and conceptualized at the modern historical stage. The aim of the study is to reflect the changes in the philosophical understanding of the culture of patriotism, associated with the transformation of the problem field of the study of the culture of patriotism and the change of theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of this problem. Analytical, deductive and socio-phenomenological approaches are used in the text. The results of the study indicate a significant change in theoretical emphases in the comprehension of patriotism that has occurred in recent decades. There was a departure from the religious-philosophical paradigm of considering patriotism, in the context of which it is considered as a manifestation of spirituality, and there was a tendency to consider patriotism in a socio-phenomenological way, as a form of worldview of the members of society. The actualization of the cultural aspect of patriotism as one of the leading factors in the development and transformation of patriotic consciousness is also noted.
Key words society, patriotism, cultural factors of patriotism, Russian religious philosophy, phenomenological understanding of patriotism, worldview, culture
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