Humanitarian Vector, Vol 12, №3 2017

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Humanitarian Vector, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2017
    Social philosophy

Горбунова Ю. А.
Забара Л. И.
Self-projecting Civil Identity in the Light of New Anthropology
Кудашов В. И.
Равочкин Н. Н.
Russian Modern Society Ideology Design as a Destination for Intellectuals
Новикова О. Н.
The Virtual Game World as a Simulacrum of Life
Сунь Янь
The Method of Innovation in the Process of Higher Education Internationalization in the Context of “One Belt – One Road” Geoeconomic Strategy
Чистанов М. Н.
On the Limits to the Generational Theory Applicability in Modern Philosophy of History
Шаев Ю. М.
The Internet of Things and B. Latour’s Actor-network Theory: Methodology and Ontology

Касаткина С. С.
On the Question of Using System Methods for Philosophical Analysis of the City
Нестеров А. Ю.
The Boundaries of Technical Consciousness: Unthinkable vs. Impossible
Петров В. В.
Тhe Evolution of Scientific Research Development Concepts Under Reforms
Спектор Д. М.
М. Heidegger: Irreversibility of Time-being
Чистанова С. С.
Illocution Concept in Speech Act Theory by John Austin

Гаврилова Ю. В.
Mechanisms of Religious Syncretism Emergence
Гришанина Н. Ю.
The Interior as a “Portrait of the Room”: Modern Possibilities for Preserving Cultural Heritage
Глаголев В. С.
Медведева С. М.
Religious Images in Russian and American Cinema: in Search of God and Human Being
On the Question of the Written Languages Analysis in the Context of the “Language and Culture” Problem
Иванова Ю. В.
Urban Sketching as an Area of Transforming Art Practices
Трещенок Ю. М.
The Notion of Woman’s Ritual Impurity in Traditional Culture
Филимонов А. В.
Methodology of Cossacks Identity Research in the Context of the Concept of Social Constructivism
Чжоу Сяовэй
Research on Chinese Tea Culture in Ancient China

Professional Deficits of University Teachers in the Context of Key Competences of Creative Industries Specialists