Philology, Oriental Studies # 4 (44), №4 2015

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Philology, Oriental Studies # 4 (44)\\2015

Ахметова Г. Д.
Autobiographical Narration from the Viewpoint of Personal Belongings
Баранова О. Ю.
Avvan and Gayro by F. I. Baldauf – Transbaikalia First Romantic Poem: Modern Interpretation
Даренский В. Ю.
Poetics of Russian Traditionalism of the XXth Century and its Conceptualization in V. V. Kozhinov’s Heredity
Петроченко Е. В.
Блинова М. А.
Intonation Feature of Terminality in the Vocal Form of a Language (The Case of Russian and German Children’s Songs)
Пименова М. В.
Балашова Н. П.
Somatic Metaphors of the Moon in Poetic Works of Modern Russian Authors

Богоявленская Ю. В.
Нелюбина М. С.
Corpus Research of French Absolute Participial Constructions
Гукосьянц О. Ю.
The Parameters of Self-Presentation in the English-Language Scientific Internet-Mediated Discourse
Терзиева М. Т.
Andersen’s Tales and Bulgarian Literary Criticism
Шихалиева С. Х.
Paronimic Attraction in Space of Aspectuality: Agglutinative Sketch in Literary Translation
Ахметова М. Н.
Metatext in Philology: Immersion of a Student in the Text, Establishment of Some Intertextual Links in Internal Communication Situations, Entering of a Personality into the World
    Linguistic worldview

Васильева А. П.
The “Sylgy/Horse” Concept in the Yakut Linguistic Consciousness: Verbal Associative Network
Краснобаева-Чёрная Ж. В.
Axiological Space of Phraseological Units with a Positive Valuation
Пащенко М. А.
The Question of the Conceptual Structure and the Concepts’ Classification

Ерофеева И. В.
Linguistic-Psychological Model of Effective Media Text
Мельник Г. С.
Мисонжников Б. Я.
Sociolinguistic Markers of Extremist Text
Полякова Ю. А.
Language Problems of Multicultural Journalism
Тепляшина А. Н.
Criticism Modus in the Structure of Linguistic Personality
Шестеркина Л. П.
Булаева М. Н.
Traditional and Specific Principles of Genre System Formation in Universal Journalism

Ванчикова Ц. П.
Аюшеева М. В.
Zuunhuree and Contemporary Dashchoylinhiid
Дарибазарон Д. Э.
Buddhist Concept of the Path
Ламожапова И. А.
Phonologic Typology of Primordial Personal Names in the Mongolian Languages
Лощенков А. В.
Introduction to Philosophical and Religious Studies of the Tibetan Lamrim Text “Easy Path (Myur-lam)”
Урбанаева И. С.
Features of Formation of the Buddhist Canon in Tibet and China: a Comparative Analysis