History. Political Sciences. №3(35), №3 2013

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History. Political Sciences. №3(35)2013

International Scholarly Contacts
Масами Изухо
Йен Бувит
Кариса Терри
Introduction: Current Research on the Last Glacial Maximum Prehistory in Northeast Asia
Константинов М. В.
Transbaikal Archaeology: Upper Paleolithic
Йен Бувит
Upper Paleolithic Landscape Geoarchaeology of the Transbaikal before, during, and after the Last Glacial Maximum
Кариса Терри
Technological Innovation during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in the Transbaikal
Николас Звaнц
Лбова Л.
On the Trail of the Initial Upper Paleolithic: Preliminary Observations on the Varvarina Gora and Kamenka Blade Technology
Цогтбатор Б.
A Brief Research History on the Mongolian Stone Age
Гунчинсурэн Б.
The Rashaan Khad and Tulburiin Gol Sites of Mongolia
Н. Званц, С. А. Гладышев, Б. Гунчинсурэн, А. В. Табарев, Т. Болорбат, Н. Дершнер, Т. Доганджик, К. Фитцсимонс, Д. Флас, Дж. С. Джиллам, С. П. Макферсон,
The Upper Paleolithic of the Ikh Tulberin Gol (Northern Mongolia): New Excavations at the Tolbor-16 Site
Масами Изухо
Geochronology of Upper Paleolithic Sites on Hokkaido
Сатору Ямада
Behavioral Changes in Microblade Assemblages on Hokkaido
Юичи Наказава
Reexamination of the Last Glacial Maximum Occupation of Kashiwadai-1
    History of Russia

Аюшеева М. В.
Private Archive of M. P. Khomonov in the Centre of Oriental Manuscripts and Xylographs of the Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies
Балданова А. С.
Ecological Situation of the Buryat People Hunting Craft at the End of the 19th –the Beginning of the 20th Centuries
Доржеева В. В.
Female Employment of Indigenous Small Numbered Peoples of the North-East of Russia in Social Production in the 1960s. Problems and Achievements
Морозов Н. М.
Great – Power Status in Modern Historiography (Problems of Imperial Authority in the 18th – Beginning of the 20th Centuries)
Цыпилова С. С.
The Status of Woman in the Mongolian Society (the Soviet period)
    History of Transbaikalia

Васильева Т. Г.
“… I do not require money for all of this from the state and from the immigrants” (From the History of Formation and Development of Charity in Transbaikalia)
Дроботушенко Е. В.
Dynamics of the Number of Orthodox Monasteries of the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the 18th – Beginning of the 20th Centuries and Transbaikal Monasteries
Золотарева В. Ю.
The Charitable Activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Late 19th to the Middle of the 20th Century (Exemplified by Transbaikalia)
Дроботушенко Е. В.
Кузнецов В. В.
Russian Orthodox Church in Chita Region in the 1943–1950s
Пряженникова М. В.
Peculiarities of Cultural Processes in Zabaikalye and North China in the 1920–1930s
Савчук В. С.
Киселёва Т. А.
Ekaterinoslav Sanitary Squad (From the History of the X-Ray Apparatus Application with the Military-Medical Aim)
Чагдурова М. М.
History of Kyakhta in the Rare Books Funds of the Kyakhta Museum of Local Lore

Асадов Б. Р.
Youth Organizations in the Sphere of International Relations: Humanitarian Aspects of Activities
Блохин И. Н.
Political Behavior of the Individual in the Mass Media Environment
Бурова Ю. Е.
Media Resources of Governance as Means of its Presentation
Грудинина С. Ю.
Organizing the Execution of Managerial Decisions at the Municipal Level
Мельник Г. С.
Михайлов С. А.
Сoncealment of Information as a Lack of Safety Culture
Чакмак М. С.
Russian-Turkish Relations in New Geopolitical Conditions in Reflection of the Mass Media
Чимаров С. Ю.
On Start-Up Project Activities of Youth Political Organizations