Nataliya N. Alevras

Doctor of History, Professor, Chelyabinsk State University;  Member of the Russian society of intellectual history, Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Sciences (Chelyabinsk branch) (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Research interests

Regional history and history of the Urals (history of the mining Urals, history of the agrarian relations and agrarian policy in the mining Urals, mining culture as a phenomenon of the Ural history, intellectual culture in the Ural region); historiography, history of historical science (dissertation culture in pre-revolutionary historical science as a phenomenon and a factor of formation of professional culture of community of Russian historians, scientific schools in Russian historical science, V.O. Klyuchevsky’s school); source study (cognitive aspects of historical knowledge and phenomenon of a source, source study bases of scientific research of pre-revolutionary historians, historiography source study).

Scientific activity

Supervised 11 candidate dissertations on problems of history of Russia, the Urals, historiography.

N.N. Alevras has published over 230 scientific works.