Vera V. Boguslavskaya

Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor, Head of the Master’s Degree Educational Program “Philological Support of the Mass Media”.
Veteran of Labor, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.
2015 – an expert in the field of state accreditation of educational institutions and scientific organizations.
2010-2015 – an expert of the All-Russian competition of scientific and innovative works for high school students by Siemens Company
2016 – member of the Dissertation Council D 212.038.18 (10.01.10 Journalism), since 21.12.2016, Voronezh State University;
2014 – present: expert of Rosakkredagenstvo for accreditation examination (groups 42, 45; Bachelor’s, Master’s, Postgraduate levels) (2014 to 2021).
ORCID: 0000-0003-4118-382X
Education and Degrees
Doctor of Sciences (Philology) – specialty 10.01.10 Journalism (Voronezh State University), Subject of the doctoral dissertation “Journalistic Text: Linguosociocultural Modeling” (2004).
Academic title of Associate Professor, 2000
Candidate of Sciences (Philology), specialty 10.02.01 the Russian language (Rostov State University). Subject of the candidate dissertation “Negative Constructions in the Role of Headlines (on the material of the newspaper and journalistic style of modern Russian language)” (1993).
Graduation from the Faculty of Philology, Rostov-on-Don State Pedagogical Institute (the Russian language, literature with additional specialty of foreign language (English) (1986).
Research Interests
Journalistic Text, Linguosociocultural Modeling, Media Language, Multi-Ethnic Educational Space, Russian as a Foreign Language
Scientific activity
– Head of the scientific project “Interdisciplinary Study of the Mass Media Language: Linguosocultural Modeling of Media Projects” (2016 – present)
– Co-executive of basic research “Psychological and linguosociocultural indicators of dependence between life expectancy and quality of life of generation 60” (2013-2016)
– Scientific Supervisor, basic research “Comprehensive linguosociocultural research of multi-ethnic educational space (in conditions of non-native language learning in the global world)” (2009-2013)
Main publications
More than 150 publications, including:
• monographs: 9
• Textbooks, tutorials: 6
• Educational and methodological publications: 6
• Scientific articles: more than 80