Irina V. Erofeeva

Doctor of Philology, Associate professor, Transbaikal State University;  Editor-in-chief of the scientific journals Humanitarian Vector and Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. 


Member of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers
Member of National Association of Mass Media Researchers
Member of the Association of Public Relations Lecturers

Education and Degrees

Doctor of sciences (Philology): Saint Petersburg State University (2010)

Candidate of Sciences (Philology): Buryat State University (2003)

Diploma: Chernyshevsky Zabaikalsky State Pedagogical University (1997)

Academic Title: Associate Professor

Research Interests:

–  Language of the mass media

–  Technologies of mass consciousness influence

– National values and modern media text

– Psychology of creativity


Program aimed at activation of creative thinking by resources of national model of peace


-Winner of the University contest for publication under the title “Creative thinking of the journalist and national model of peace” (2009)

– S. D. Uvarova Scholarship awardee (2009)

More than 160 scientific publications in Russia, China, Ukraine, Poland and other countries