Elena Yu. Zakharova

Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of Philosophy Department, Transbaikal State University (Chita, Russia).


Chita State Pedagogical Institute, specialty “Biology”, graduation year (1994).

PhD thesis “Ecological education as a factor in the formation of ecological culture and optimization of socio-natural interaction” defended in 2002 (Ulan-Ude, Buryat State University)

In 2012, he defended his doctoral thesis “Ecological culture of the socionature ecosystem” (Chita, Transbaikal State University)

Sphere of scientific interests

Social philosophy, environmental culture, environmental education, interaction between society and man, religious studies.

Scientific activity

Prepared: 1 graduate student in the specialty “Social Philosophy”, 1 – in “Sociology”.

Conference organization

Annual scientific and practical conference “Christmas Readings”.
Annual scientific seminar dedicated to the memory of Corr. RAE, Doctor of Philological Sciences, prof. V.A. Kobylyansky.
Scientific secretary D 212.069.02, member D. 212.299.04

e-mail: aglena_72@mail.ru