Mikhail V. Konstantinov

Doctor of  History Professor of the Department of History, Transbaikal State University (Chita, Russia)

Author and manager of the project “Encyclopedia of Transbaikalia”

Head of the Laboratory of Paleoecology

Head of Chikoy archaeological expedition

Supervisor of scientific school in archeology

Representative of Transbaikal branch of Academy of the humanities (since 1996)

Chair of the Assembly of the people of Transbaikalia (since 2002)



Research Interests

History of Siberian Science

Stone Age in Transbaikalia

Disciplines taught


Archeology of Transbaikalia

Discoverers of Siberia

History and the Present

Academic Awards

Academician of the Academy of the Humanities (1996)

Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation (1998)

Honourable citizen of Chita (2001)

Honourable citizen of Krasny Chikoy (2003)

The Order of Honor (2009)

Medal of the Order of Merit for the Chita Region” (2000)

Medal of the Order of Merit for the City (Chita, 1998).

Academic Councils and Research Management

Supervisor of Postgraduate course in archeology (070006) and Russian history (070002)

Supervisor of six Candidate dissertations on archeology, Russian history, history of science

Member of Dissertation Councils in the Buryat State University (Ulan-Ude) and the integrated Dissertation Councils at the Institute of archeology, history and ethnography of the people of the Far East (Vladivostok)



e-mail: mk-rus@mail.ru