Irina V. Chernikova

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor;  Head of the Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Tomsk State University (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Member of the Russian Philosophical Society, member of the Interregional Association for Cognitive Research.
  • Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, expert of the Russian Humanitarian Foundation.
  • Member of dissertation councils: D. 212.267.01; D. 212.267.17



Tomsk State University, specialty: mechanics (1976).

Graduated from the postgraduate course at Tomsk University with a degree in Philosophy

Subject of Ph.D. thesis: “The specifics of modern astronomical knowledge” (1981).

Subject of doctoral dissertation: “The Idea of Global Evolutionism: Cognitive and Sociocultural Aspects” (1993).



Research Interests: history and philosophy of science