The editors accept previously unpublished materials not exceeding 1 paper in volume. l. = 40 thousand characters (with spaces and taking into account all footnotes), including illustrations (1 illustration with a format of 190 × 270 mm is 1/6 of the author’s sheet, or 6.7 thousand characters) in Russian, English, Chinese, made in the genre research article, scientific review, scientific communication, review. The sent articles are checked for originality by the anti-plagiarism software. The originality of the sections “Research Results”, “Discussion of Results”, “Conclusion” should be 100%.

One author can publish only one article in the issue.



Authors should enclose the following documents in the package:

  1. Electronic copy of the article. The name of the file should contain the author’s name and the title of the article.
  2. Publishing license agreement
  3. Information about author(s)

All documents must be sent to the email address of the editorial office: e-mail:



Branch of science (journal section).


Initials, author’s surname (in Russian and English). The number of co-authors should not exceed 5 persons. If there is more than one author, the name of the main author should be given first. There should be information on the author’s contribution in Russian and English (one sentence long).

Citycountry (in Russian and English).

Affiliation (place of work) in Russian and English.

Mail address.

Sources of financing (if there are any) in Russian and English.

Title of the paper in Russian (lowcase letters only) and English (in title capitalization the first and last words and all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, verbs, and subordinate conjunctions (if, because, as, that, etc.) are capitalized).

Abstract (200 to 250 words) in Russian and English. The abstract should reflect the main outcomes of the research and include the following parts:

  1. Introduction (relevance, novelty, problem statement, purpose and hypothesis of the research);
  2. Materials and research methods;
  3. Specific results of the study;
  4. Discussion of the research results;
  5. Conclusions and perspectives of the study.

The abstract should not contain any references.

Keywords or word combinations (5-7 terms/concepts or problem markers, reflecting the content and concept of the article, separated by a comma. They are given in Russian and English.

The main text of the article should contain the following parts: introduction, literature review, methodology and research methods, results of the study, discussion of the results, conclusion – resumes. The titles of the parts are given in bold type.

The article should have in-text references to cited works. References are given in square brackets, indicating the source number in the reference list and the page number as well, e.g. [1, p.25]. Several sources are separated by a semicolon, e.g. [1; 3; 4].

If possible, it is necessary to use visual material: diagrams, maps, figures, tables, etc. It is necessary to indicate the authorship of all iconic data obtained from other sources (figures, tables, diagrams, etc.), accompanying them with the appropriate reference and title in Russian and English.

References to the grant, organizations and people, who provided financial support in the preparation of the article, should be indicated in the Acknowledgements section – in Russian and English.

The list of references is given as cited (mentioned in the text of the article) and should include not less than 25 sources, including the sources for the last 4 years – not less than 15, foreign ones – not less than 10. If available in the source DOI is indicated.

Textbooks, publicism,, archives, reference, dictionary and legislative materials are sources, which are not included in the list of references but are included in the text of the article as footnotes (footnotes at the bottom of the page). The footnote marker is an Arabic numeral; the numbering is according to the page number.

The reference list should be compiled according to the Russian State Standard (GOST) R 7.0.5-2008. For each source the publisher, the total number of pages must be specified.

It is necessary to repeat the Russian-language list of references also in English, to form References according to the following requirements:

Author/s (transliteration in BSI, BGN format);

Title of the work/source (translated into English);

The output data: city, publisher, year, volume, page range (transliteration).

Indication of the source language (In Rus.).

Samples of the list of references in Russian and English languages can be viewed in the section “Recommendations on article preparation”: sample of the list of references in Russian language, sample of the list of references in English language.

Self-citation is allowed in the volume of not more than 10% of the total number of sources in the list of references.


Languages of publications: Russian and English, Chinese

General requirements: Margins of the A4-size page (book orientation) should be: top and bottom –2 cm, left and right –2.5 cm. The main text should be Arial 14 pt with 1.5 spacing. First line indent – 1.25. The text should not include automatic hyphenation; it should be centered on the width.

If using additional fonts, consult the editor.

The last page of the manuscript should contain the note “The article is published for the first time”, the date and the author’s signature.

Words, figures, formulas, measurements

Units of measurement are repulsed from characters and numbers to which they relate.

A clear distinction should be made about o (letter) and 0 (zero), 1 (one) and I (Roman unit or the letter “I”), a hyphen (-) and a dash (–).

Don’t use letter “е” instead of “ё”.

All tables must be created in Word, be titled and marked with Arabic numbers (e.g. Table 1). Within the body of the text, references to tables should be abbreviated (e.g. tab. 1). The content of the table should not duplicate the text. The words in the tables should be written in full with correct hyphenation. The table cell should not include a dot at the end of the sentence.

Black-and-white drawings (graphs, diagrams – Excel format, charts, maps, photos) should have Arabic numbers, the word “figure” should be always abbreviated (e.g. fig. 1). Illustrations are submitted in jpg format (with a minimum 300 dpi resolution or higher) as separate files, indicating their number, author’s name/authors’ names and the title of the article. Image size 170×240 mm. When reducing, all details of the image should be distinguished. All captions in Russian and English are included in a separate list at the end of the article. Figures obtained from other sources should be accompanied by an appropriate reference. Figures must not exceed 1/4 length of the article text.

The articles that do not meet the above mentioned requirements will not be accepted.

The authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of quotations and references.

Article submission, processing and publication are free of charge.


The editors do not provide the authors with a printed copy of the journal. After publication, the electronic version of the journal is sent to the authors by e-mail.

Executive Secretary

Elena V.  Sedina, Candidate of Culturology


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