Extract from the List of Higher Attestation Commissions

Since February 1, 2022 Humanitarian Vector has been included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Science should be published:
5.6.1. Domestic history (historical sciences);
5.6.2. General history (historical sciences);
5.6.3. Archeology (historical sciences);
5.6.4. Ethnology, anthropology and ethnography (historical sciences);
5.6.5. Historiography, source studies, methods of historical research (historical sciences);
5.7.7. Social and political philosophy (philosophical sciences);
5.7.8. Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture (philosophical sciences).

Date of inclusion: from 12/20/2022
5.7.8. Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture (historical sciences);
5.9.1. Russian Literature and Literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation (philological sciences);
5.9.8. Theoretical, Applied and Comparative Linguistics (philological sciences);
5.9.9. Media Communications and Journalism (philological sciences);
5.9.9. Media communications and Journalism (philosophical sciences)