Single-topic issue

                                                                  “Buddhism and Buddhist Education in Russia”

  • The thematic issue of the journal deals with the studies Buddhism in the light of modern processes taking place in the world and society. The editorial board of the journal raises the problem of Buddhist knowledge in the context of historical challenges: interlingual communication in the era of digitalization, health, culture and ecofriendly environment. Buddhism attracts the modern world because it is reasonable and open to scientific reasoning.
  • The journal thematic issue considers the role of Buddhist religious institutions in the development of society and education, new challenges and prospects of modern Buddhism, the influence of its cultural intellectual heritage on the enrichment of the modern educational space of Russia.
  • We invite authors to publish materials on the current state and potential of development of Buddhist education, Buddhist religious institutions and denominations in general, as well as on the influence of Buddhism on culture forming, spiritual and moral values of modern Russian youth, on the formation of civil identity.