Series Philosophy, Cultural Studies. Part 11, №1 2016

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Series Philosophy, Cultural Studies. Part 11. № , 2016

Виноградова С. М.
Philosophical Aspects of Scientific Work
Галочкина Н. Е.
Heuristic Nature of the Disease in Modern Foreign Studies: Problems of Philosophical Approaches and Search for Essential Alternative
Изуткин Д. А.
Галочкина Н. Е.
“Principle of the Pendulum” in Normal and Pathological Philosophy
Ладыгина И. В.
Philosophical Foundations of Robotics
Мантатова Л. В.
Мантатов В. В.
Environmental Ethics as a Philosophical Project of Life
Середкина Е. В.
Ethical and Epistemological Aspects of Technoscientific Knowledge in the Context of Paradigmatic Shift from the Homo Faber into the Homo Creator
Хрусталёв Ю. М.
Methodological Aspects of Metaphysics

Давлетшина Г. Р.
Валеева А. С.
Russia. Society. Humanity
Захарова Е. Ю.
Порш Л. А.
Feminization of Russian Education: Stages of Formation
Капустина Е. В.
Changes in University Educational Results Evaluation: Culturological Analysis
Кокарева Ю. В.
Chaadayev’s Lesson
Субботина Н. Д.
Two Types of Upbringing: Traditional and Civilized

Жамбалова С. Г.
Mongolian Horse in the Wars and Culture of Mongolian People
Засухина В. Н.
“Universal Kinship” Ideal in N. F. Fyodorov’s Philosophy of Common Cause as an Interpretation of the Decalogue’s Fifth Commandment
Камедина Л. В.
Cultural Dualism of Transbaikal Poet Vyacheslav V’yunov
Цырендоржиева Д. Ш.
Social-Philosophical Aspect of the Concept of “Justice” and its Significance for Punishment
Шаев Ю. М.
Ideological Notions of Consumer Society and Virtual Narrative

Бочарников В. Н.
Cultural Landscapes and Wilderness – Reflection of Scientific Perception in Cultural Geography
Новиков А. Н.
The Method of Analogy: Analysis of the Experience of Use of Natural Laws in Cross-Border Humanitarian and Geographical Research
Transbaikal Towns Nerchinsk and Chita: Reflection of the Dialectics of the Capital Positions of Modern Transport and Population Distributional Structures of the Border Region

Жуков А. В.
Debate on the Status of Cultural Studies in the Book “Culture: a View From Russia” by A. S. Zapesotsky
Review of the Monograph by A. N. Novikov “Cross-Border Position of Zabaikalsky Krai in the Trans-Border Three-Level Region: Role in the Territorial Organization of Population and Economy”
Зимбули А. Е.
The Philosophy of Spit