History, Political Sciences. № 3(39), №3 2014

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History, Political Sciences. № 3(39)/2014

Иванов А. А.
“… The Fetter’s Ring” is Audible
Кушнарева М. Д.
The Involvement of the Russian Peasants into the Fur Trade as a Result of Relocation to Ayan Tract in 1851–1852
Мамкина И. Н.
District Schools of Eastern Siberia in the XIXth century
Пахомова Е. А.
To the Question of Modern Russian Liberal Ideology Roots
Савельев А. А.
The Christian Neo-Religious Movements in Modern Buryatia (based on the Internet)
Казанцева Н. Г.
Territorial Organization of Customs Affairs in the 19th Centure
Фоменков А. А.
Foreign Historiography of the Russian National and Patriotic Forces Activity in the 1950th – the First Half of the 1990th
Ванчикова Ц. П.
Самдангийн Цэдэндамба
Religious Situation in Mongolia: 1990–2009

Кадиев Д. К.
The Development of Viticulture in Dagestan and Mountaineers’ Relocation into the Plain in the Period of Soviet Power
Курас Л. В.
Mongolia after Tsedenbal: from Marxism to Social Democracy
Мажитова Ж. С.
Discussions upon the Court of Biys among Kazakh National Intellectuals at the Beginning of the 20th Century (Comparative-Historical Analysis)
Цыремпилов Н. В.
When Did Russia Recognize Buddhism? In Pursuit of 1741 Decree by the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna Officially Recognizing of Buddhism by the Russian Authorities
Блохин И. Н.
Journalism in Ethno-Political Communications: Tolerance Interpretation
Даренский В. Ю.
Totalitarianism as Existential Phenomenon

Голоусова Е. С.
Fact and its Interpretation in Mass-Media: the Crisis in Ukraine through the Foreign Journalists’ View (on the Example of Washington Post, New York Times etc.)
Мельник Г. С.
New (Tactical) Media as a Structural Component of Mobilization Techniques
Олейников С. В.
States with the Postponed Political Status: Resonant Space of Information Streams
Троегубов Ю. Н.
The Combating Problems to Extremism in the Internet
Махмут Сезер Чакмак
Turkish Media Position towards the Crimea and Sevastopol Entering into the Russian Federation

Мерцалов В. И.
The History of Sovnarkhoz Reform During 1957–1965 in E. V . Demichev’s Research
Розов Н. С.
Mechanisms of Conflict Dynamics and the Revolution in Ukraine

Моторкова И. В.
Linguistic Organization of Diary Narration