Series Philosophy, Cultural Studies. Part 11, №2 2016

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Series Philosophy, Cultural Studies. Part 11, № 2, 2016

Nomokonova M. V.
Ideas of Classical Humanism as the Foundation of Bioethics
Sintsova L. K.
Ponomarev P. V.
The Problem of Nature and Essence of Man in the History of Philosophical Thought
Sytykh O. L.
Person in the Context of New Social Relations Formation
Tomskih M. S.
The Quality of Life in U. Beck’s “Risk Society”2
Chayka L. N.
Childhood and Children’s Health Issues in Russian Social and Philosophical Thought

Baevа L. V.
Problems of Cultural Safety in the Study of Frontiers
Gibelev I. V.
European Intelligence and Life-world: an Analytics of Co-constituting
Zamoshnikova N. N.
Reforming of Education in the Russian Federation in 1991–2015: from the Structural and Functional Dissonance of Social System to Search of Balance of its Subjects’ Interests
Kapustina E. V.
Cultural Studies of Education in the Context of Society System Crisis
Petrov V. V.
Organizational Culture of Fundamental Knowledge Production in Conditions of System Transformation: Russian Specificity
Silant’eva M. V.
National Cultural Myth in Contemporary Transcendence: the Philosophical Analysis
Chuprova I. A.
Russian Pianism in Context of Cultural Globalization (the Case of the Tchaikovsky Competition)
Shaev Y. M.
Space and Time of Virtual Narrative: Fractal Approach

Role of Old Mongolian Script in Formation of the Central Asia Communicative Space
Kolesnikov A. S.
Leopoldo Zea’s Philosophy of Liberation
Kononov S. V.
Myth-creation about China on the Territory of the Russian-Chinese Border as a Subject of Scientific Discourse
Konopleva N. A.
Kucherenko A. L.
Structural and Content Elements of “Duende” Phenomenon in Sociocultural Representation of a Spanish Flamenco Dance
Liga M. B.
Gomboeva M. I.
Hukhe Mandula
Civilization Approach to the Study of Steppe Culture
Sokolov A. Y.
Researches of the Influence of German Culture on the Development of Transbaikalia
Sun Yan
Russian Culture in Chinese Scholars’ Research
Zhou Xiaowei
Research of N. V. Gogol’s Works in China

Donets A. M.
The System of Vows for Development of the Personality as the Subject of Liberation in Buddhism
Zhukov A. V.
Factor Analysis of Mongolian Religiousness Formation
Nikolaeva L. Y.
Buddhist Reminiscences in Fine Structure Images of the Buryat Naive Artist Tsyren-Namzhil Ochirov (1920–1987)
Romanenko T. V.
Characteristics of Protestant Missionary Activity in China
Tsyrendorzhieva D. S.
Bagaeva K. А.
The Conceptual Aspects of Religiousness in the Context of Social Philosophy