Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 19, №2 2024

    Events and Destinies (History of Everyday Life)

Kiskidosova T. A.
Leisure Culture of Urban Residents in Khakassia in the 1930s.
Kudashkin V. A.
Nutrition Culture of Indigenous Peoples in the Context of Socio-Cultural Space of Post-Soviet Russia
Kulakov V. I.
Fibulae in the Form of Overlays in the Archeology of the Western Balts of the Merovingian Age
Kushnarеva M. D.
Historical Portrait of the Yakut Merchant of the 1st Guild N. D. Everstov
Plotnikova M. M.
Ilyina A. V.
Dyatlova E. V.
The Daily Life of the Cheremkhov Miners in the Year of the Great Turning Point: The Collective Agreement of 1930
Bershadskaya S. V.
Educational Activities of the First Special Meteor Expedition of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1921–1922
    History of religion

Antonov E. P.
Yakut Department of the Imperial Orthodox Church Palestinian Society in the History of Yakutia
Budanova A. V.
The Orthodox Brotherhood of Bishop Makarii (Opotskii) in the Context of Persecution in the Twentieth Century
Drobotushenko E. V.
Materials on the History of the Orthodox Church in Siberia and the Far East in 1986
Starodubtseva M. S.
The Participation of Women’s Monasteries in Missionary Activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Second Half of the XIX – Early XX Centuries
Tsyrenova N. D.
Administrative Hierarchy of the Gandan Monastery According to the “Regulations of 1840”
Yurganova I. I.
Orthodox Monasteries as Centers of Christian Civilization on the Eastern Borders of the Russian State

Mamkina I. N.
Role of the Russian Spiritual Mission in China in Training of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Officials
Neshkes O. V.
Russian-Spanish Relations During the Development of North American Territories in the Second Half of the 18th century
Petrov A. Y.
England and Russia: The Beginnings of the Struggle for the Pacific Colonies, 1700–1750
Smirnova I. Y.
The Narrative of Parthenius (Ageev) on the Accession of the Kyrgyz Steppe to Russia: from the History of Christianization of Central Asian Peoples
    History of Culture

Osipova M. V.
Ainu Art: From Craft to Fine Art
Raskladkina M. K.
Alaskan Russian: Cultural and Historical Trace of the Russian Expansion in North America
Fedorova A. R.
Fedorov S. I.
Animal Images in Shamanic Cult and Attributes in Traditional Yakut Culture
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol.19, no. 2