Pedagogy and Psychology #1 (33), №1 2013

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Pedagogy and Psychology #1 (33) 2013
    Methodology of Pedagogy

Korshunova N. L.
Studies’ Topicality and the Procedure of its Reasoning
Klimenko T. K.
Syomina M. V.
Research of Familistic Characteristics of Zabaikalsky Krai Student Youth
Molonov G. T.
Damdinov A. V.
Pedagogy as a Science with the Interdisciplinary Framework and Practical Orientation
    History of Pedagogy

Dimitrieva V. N.
The Role of Foreign Philosophical and Pedagogical Ideas in Forming Cultural-Historical Christian-Oriented Approach to Formation of Spiritual and Moral Culture of the Person
Levchenko О. Y.
The Historiographical Analysis of Foreign Languages Teaching in Russia
Rogova A. V.
Stepanova N. V.
Realization of Personality Development Learning Function in Educational Literature of the 1920s
Sysoeva Y. Y.
Historical and Pedagogical Analysis of “Preconceptual” Period of Researching the Phenomenon of the Personality’s Image
    Vocational and Educational Process

Zvoleyko E. V.
Implementation of Competence-Based Approach in the Training of Undergraduate Psychology Students Majoring in Special Education
Kozlova N. I.
Continuing Professional-Pedagogical Education of Adults as a Structural Component of a Conceptual Model of Lifelong Learning
Zherebyatnikova G. V.
Luchkina T. V.
Model of Forming Social Teachers’ Creative Activity in the Educational Space of a Modern University
Tyurikova E. M.
Distance Learning − a New Form of Information and Education Environment
    Childhood Pedagogy

Abramova N. N.
Creation of Cultural and Educational Environment in a Secondary School for the Development of Students’Abilities in the Context of Cooperation between the Participants of the Educational Process
Dorzhieva L. B.
Program-Legal Support of Information-Communication Interaction of Schoolchildren
Klimenko T. K.
Ulzytueva A. I.
Improving the Professional Competence of Bilingual Kindergarten Teachers
    Management Pedagogy

Kuryshkin S. Y.
Pedagogical Aspects of Disciplinary Practices in Military Commanders’ Management
    Experimental Pedagogy

Krylatov S. A.
Health Assessment of Students: Results of Empirical Research
Manikovskiy P. M.
Providing an Idea of Electronic Educational Resources and Their Current Status (on the Example of the Research Library of Zabaikalsky State University)

Zhamuldinov V. N.
International Scientific and Practical Conference “Institutionalization of Innovative Educational Environment of Higher Pedagogical School” (Pavlodar, PSPI, November 30, 2012)
    General Psychology, History of Psychology

Khisambeev S. R.
Historical and Theoretical Analysis of Gnoseological and Ontological Approaches in the Psychological Concepts of the Early Modern Period
Shukova G. V.
Paradigmatic Changes in Modern Psychology of Perception
Mysnikova E. A.
Psychological Adaptation of Students in Conditions of an Environmentally Neglected City (Chita)
    Developmental Psychology

Mel’nikova I. E.
Adaptation of Children and Teenagers in the Conditions of Emotional Stress
Soldatova E. L.
The Role of a Family Image in Information Space as a Basis of Youth Identification
    Social and Educational Psychology

Kotova S. A.
Readiness of Pedagogical University Graduates to Activities in Emotionally Rich Environment
Mokhova S. Y.
Cross-Cultural Research of Semantic Fields of Family Member Images
Yashchenko E. F.
Structural Organization of Sense Regulation of Professional Self-Determination of the Faculty of Journalism Students as Subjects of Activity
    Special Psychology

Kalashnikova S. A.
A Handicapped Person: the Synergetic Approach to the Development of Personality in Special Conditions
Kulik A. A.
Peculiarities of Time Perspective of Families Nurturing Children with Disabilities