Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18, №4 2023

    Culture and society: the face of war

Rozov N. S.
Causes of Mass Mutual Violence: Structuring Concepts and Subjective Factors of Deliberate Wars
Parilov O. V.
Sobko R. V.
Metaphysical Rationale for War and European-American Racism, Neo-Colonialism
Kovalev A. A.
The Role of Philosophy in the Development of Strategies for Ensuring Mental Security in the Conditions of “Hybrid Wars” of Our Time
    War in the history of mankind: events and destinies

Blinov A. V.
Сomprehensive Secondary School of Kemerovo During the Great Patriotic War
Zhadan A. V.
Food Security of NKVD Labor Collectives During the Great Patriotic War: The Life of Soviet Society in the Rear
Ovcharenko E. F.
Information Paradoxes of the First American War (1775–1783)
Petrov A. Y.
Discovery of Japan by Russia and the Crimean War
Tsybenov B. D.
Anti-Japanese Struggle of the Daur People (1932–1945)
    Conceptual picture of the world and images of war

Bodrikov A. B.
Basic Signs of the Borrowed Concept of Soldier in Russian Linguoculture (According to Lexicographical Sources)
Zagidulina T. A.
The Functioning of the Image of a Military Pilot in the Framework of Traditional Plot Schemes of Socialist Realism (Based on the Essays by M. Chechneva)
Ishchenko N. S.
Russian Cultural Landscape in the Book of Donbass Military Poetry “The Great Checkpoint” (2023)
Pimenova M. V.
Generic Metaphors Among Other Types of Metaphors as Ways of Describing War in Modern Media

Grishanina A. N.
Shchebenkova S. V.
Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Media Portraiture in Journalism on Military Operations
Degtyareva O. V.
The War of Narratives in Ukrainian Media Practices (the Case of Observing the Calendar of Holidays)
Il’chenko S. N.
Visualization of \"Military\" Content: The Principle of Aesthetic Approximation
Melnik G. S.
Misonzhnikov B. Y.
Post-truth and the Concept of “War” in Provocative Media Discourse
Shagdarova B. B.
Radio Broadcasting in Buryatia During the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945)
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