Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18, №2 2023


Darenskaya V. N.
Alienation as a Phenomenon of Destruction of Socio-Cultural Tradition
Zimina N. S.
Socio-Cultural Personality Types of the Cross-Border Region
Subbotina N. D.
Lushina E. A.
Methodological Approaches to the Study of the Phenomenon of Motherhood
Tipikina A. A.
Women’s Theme in the Works by V. S. Solovyov
Shchetkina I. A.
Jiang Dan
Sundueva E. V.
Chinese Migrants as a Social Group in Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge: Theory and Practice
Fortunatov A. N.
Voskresenskaya N. G.
The Game as an Ontological Practice
Fatenkov A. N.
Davydov A. A.
Philosophy: An Apologetic Etude
    Humanistic Trends in the Development of Modern Society

Ardashev R. G.
Philosophy of Suicide in Virtual Space
Gavrilova Y. V.
State-Religious Relations in the Russian Security System
Zhukov A. V.
Liga M. B.
Zakharova E. Y.
Conceptualization of Theoretical Ideas on Religious Security in the Context of Western Studies of Interaction Between Society and Religion
Izutkin D. A.
A Physician in the Sphere of Artificial Intelligence: An Active Subject or Passive?
Plebanek O. V.
The World as Existential Security: The Concept of Peace of Third Generation
Polyushkevich O. A.
The Consequences of the Pandemic: Pro-Social Practices and Community Solidarity
Chernikova I. V.
The Problem of Human Self-Understanding in the Era of Challenges of the Technologically Developing World

Mertsalov V. I.
History and Modernity in the Textbook by Professors A. V. Postnikov and M. V. Konstantinov
Misonzhnikov B. Y.
Melnik G. S.
A Man of Intellectual Integrity: А Philosopher, a Culturologist, a Logician (Solonin Yury Nikiforovich – Scientist of St. Petersburg State University
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18, no. 2