Philosophy, Cultural Studies. №2(38), №2 2014

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Philosophy, Cultural Studies. №2(38), 2014

Zhukov A. V.
Zhukova A. A.
The Reception of the Chinese Ideas and Images by the Nomads of Transbaikalie before the Russian Colonization
Privalova M. V.
Dialectics of the Absolute and the Relative in the Eschatological Views of E. Trubetskoy
Prokofyeva D. V.
The Problem of Value System in Modern Russia
Sergeev D. V.
Professionalization of the Cultural Text Production in the Context of Contemporary Social and Cultural Transformations
Sidorov V. A.
Social Institute as a Media Projection
Subbotina N. D.
Methodological Approaches to the Social Evolution Researching
Suslin R. A.
Critical Analysis of Classical Concepts of Understanding of the Term «Value»
Sytykh O. L.
Russian Society in the “Period” of Global Changes
Trubitsyn D. V.
Resource Abundance and Distinctive Features of the Russian Modernization
Chernikova I. V.
Transformation of Reality Interpretations in Science and Philosophy

Vanchikova T. P.
Samdangiyn Tsedendamba
Modern Processes in the Mongolian Buddhism: 1990–2007
Van Pin
Artists-Itinerants’ Contribution to the Realism Formation as a New Outlook System in the Art of the 19th Century
Darenskiy V. Y.
V. I. Vernadsky’s Ideas on Cultural Studies
Drobnaya E. V.
Iconographic Canon and Philosophic Grounding of its Representation in the Creativity by Modern Orthodox Artists
Zhambalova S. G.
Popular Buddhism and Sangaril Ritual of Buryats
Koroleva V. A.
The art of the Koreans in the Far East of Russia (the second half of the 19th century – the first third of the 20th century)
Miao Hui
Peculiarities of the Chinese Culture Reflection in A. Kheydok’s Stories
Yurgenson G. A.
Moroz P. V.
Historical-Philosophical and Practical Aspects of Stone Mastering in Human Culture
    Humanitarian Geography

Bocharnikov V. N.
Construct and Gestalt as Modern Means of Human Science
Gladkiy Y. N.
Humanitarian Geography: Conceptual Status and Institutionalization
Novikov A. N.
Humanitarian-Geographical Forms of Trans Border Additionality
Romanov, (), () M. T.
The Eurasian Transcontinental Economic Axes and their «Eastern Bridgeheads»

Zimbuli A. E.
Ethics as an Alternative to Market

Arzumanov I. A.
Review of the Monograph “Spiritual Meanings of the Russian Verbal Culture” by Doctor of Culturology, Professor L. V . Kamedina (Transbaikal State University)